Welcome to the Blue Pavilion Beach Resort. We are located in the beautiful province of Infanta, Quezon. Our beach resort is a great place to relax in and for spending quality time with family and friends. Our Infanta, Quezon beach resort is in prime, virgin beach shoreline where the sands and water are still virtually untouched. We have wide, open sands where you can enjoy outdoor activities such as swimming, beach volleyball, Frisbee and badminton.

Ride the waves with our sea scooter or go snorkelling and explore the underwater beauty of Infanta, Quezon. If you’re more into indoor, laid-back activities, you can play billiards, darts, playing cards or board games in our game room. A bonfire is lit every night on the beach – perfect for marshmallows and star-gazing while listening to the serene Infanta waters. Make a wish and take part in the lighting of floating lanterns, watch them float away into the clear night sky of Quezon.

We are committed in providing top-notch service. Our courteous and friendly staff make sure that you enjoy the cool breeze, the sea and the sand. We have nurtured the existing gardens and trees and added new ones to make sure that the natural beach ecosystem remain clean and healthy.

Blue Pavilion Beach Resort welcomes you with a smile with a promise to make your stay here in Infanta, Quezon, one of the best ever.